Who We Are

Wall Street Brokers, Inc. was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. Larry L. Stevens founded the firm, bringing with him 20 years experience in real estate. Lorelei Stevens, his daughter, has been President of Wall Street Brokers, Inc. since 1976. Together, this father-daughter team gained national recognition as leaders in buying notes.

Larry Stevens passed away on November 12, 2011. Larry's son Rory Stevens joined Lorelei in running the business, continuing on the long family tradition of buying notes and contracts.

Lorelei Stevens has been a licensed real estate broker (Washington State Real Estate Managing Broker Designated Broker's License No. 13287) and a discounted note buyer since the 1970's. She has worked her entire adult life with Wall Street Brokers negotiating millions of dollars of paper. She is a nationally recognized expert.

Lorelei has taught Legal Continuing Education seminars and has written numerous articles for legal, real estate and other professional publications on the subjects of seller-financing, managing, reinforcing and buying paper. She is the author of two books, one on seller-financing and another on note buying. She also wrote a monthly column for Noteworthy Newsletter for 18 years and was a frequent contributor to The Paper Source.

She is licensed by the State of Washington to teach seller financing to real estate agents (Instructor ID #:10726, qualified to instruct Legal Aspects / Real Estate Finance / Real Estate Fundamentals / Escrow Practices). She is an experienced note appraiser.

Use this web site to sell your note for fast cash to a family business buying notes since 1971.