What We Need for a BUSINESS NOTE

This list of documents is necessary for us to proceed with a Business Note.

Documents when the business sold:

Business securing your note or contract:


Parties involved:

Don't worry if you can't find all of these items. Send us what you have and we will take care of the rest.

We also need two signed permission forms that allow us to proceed.

One is required so that we may contact parties involved in the creation of your note, such as the settlement agent or escrow closer. The other is required so that we may contact other parties involved, such as the servicing agent or underlying lien holders.

Click here for the permission form. Print out two copies and return to us with proper signature(s). If you know exactly who to contact, you may fill out the form yourself. Otherwise, provide us with the signature(s) only, and we will fill it out for you.

We will take these items and check all necessary information. If everything checks out, we will proceed to close.